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Stored Product Insects

Stored Product Insects

There are many hundreds of species collectively known as Stored Product Insects

The group includes predominately moths and beetles with all life stages of the insect found on infested products

As the group name implies, they will infest a wide variety of materials including grains, both fresh and dried fruits, beans, flour, peas, dried veg, tobacco, biscuits, wood, etc.

These insects can cause significant losses in food production through product spoilage and damage to machinery.

When found on both commercial and domestic premises, the origin of the insects can be unclear, but is usually associated with raw materials.

With this group of pests, preventative measures and the early identification of their presence help significantly in their control.

Monitoring for these pests is advised on food storage and production areas.

Treatments for these pests are dependent on many factors including level of infestation, value of infested goods and the suitability of the various insecticidal preparations available.

Where the presence of stored product pests is suspected, professional help should be sought