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RED Pest Control Rabbit Population Control Programmes


At R.E.D. Pest Control, our experience has taught us that no single method of control is rarely successful on its own at controlling rabbit populations.

We believe to successfully control rabbits all of the elements which contribute to their activity on a site must be investigated and actions must be taken to minimise each of these elements.

Once all of these elements have been investigated, a bespoke population control programme can be put in place.

Population Monitoring

We believe that it is not enough to simply carry out work for our clients without providing proof that our programmes are actually working.

As well as carrying out control works, we also provide data on rabbit populations and activity throughout the work site.

We monitor and report on such things as the level of burrow activity, carry out counts of droppings on rabbit dung heaps and levels of general activity such as scrapings and rabbit damage.

We can prove that what we are doing  is working.

Once a successful population reduction programme has been completed, we can also continue population monitoring for our clients.

By doing this we are able to monitor rabbit populations and carry out further control measures before populations increase beyond acceptable levels.

The R.E.D. GPS and GIS Mapping System - Overview

R.E.D. Pest control have developed our own mapping and data capture system which has been designed specifically for use in rabbit control and population monitoring programmes.

The system uses GPS mapping technology installed in handheld devices, such as tablets or smartphones, to highlight specific features such as rabbit warren and burrow systems, and displays these features on interactive Google maps which are stored on our website.

The system takes large pieces of land and overlays them with a numbered grid system, breaking them down into small, manageable zones.
This allows us to be specific with our clients when discussing particular problem areas.

During our programmes all of our actions and observations are captured on this system.

This data is then used to monitor the success of each programme and highlight areas where further actions are required.