Why use RED PEST?


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.

Q. How many mice/rats do I have?


The number of mice or rats present in any circumstance depends on many factors such as availability of food and shelter, presence of predators and the length of time the pests have been present. Our personnel are fully trained to assess all of these factors and devise a suitable pest control solution.

Question 2.

Q. How does your bait work?


Although we have various formulations of baits available to us, we most commonly use anticoagulant baits. Anticoagulant baits work by disrupting the ability of mammal blood to form clots and the animal dies from the effects of internal bleeding.

Question 3.

Q. Do you use baits that make the rats/mice so thirsty that they need to drink and once they do the bait makes them blow up



Question 4.

Q. Why do I have pests?


There can be many reasons why you have pests, but most usually pests are present because they are opportunists who look to take advantage of the warm and relatively safe environments humans can provide. Our personnel are fully trained to assess individual situations and to provide bespoke advice and treatment programmes tailored to your situation.

Question 5.

Q. I have found an old wasp’s nest on my property. Do I need to have it removed?


No. Wasp nests are only ever used once.

Question 6.

Q. Are your company discreet?


We have the option of using unmarked vehicles. Please make sure to request an unmarked vehicle when you call us.

Question 7.

Q. Do you take payment up front?


RED Pest Control operates a company policy of never asking any clients for any payments until they are completely satisfied that all work has been carried out to agreed standards set out before any work commences.

Question 8.

Q. Are my children and pets safe from your rodenticide/ insecticide?


All of the pest control products we use are licensed by the UK Government for use in domestic premises.

These products carry specific instruction labels relating to their use on their packaging to ensure the risks to children and pets are minimised.

At RED Pest Control we always carry out a full risk assessment ensuring all of these specific government guidelines are followed.

We are happy to discuss any specific issues our clients may have.

Question 9.

Q. Will I find a dead mouse or rat lying on my floor?


It is possible that this could happen, however in the vast majority of cases, rodents will die in their nests or burrows.

Question 10.

Q. Will there be a bad smell?


If a bad smell develops, we ask our clients to call us and we will attend the site at no extra cost to try to locate and remove any rodent bodies.

If the bodies cannot be located, we use absorbent materials which are designed to remove bad smells.

Question 11.

Q. What qualifications do you have?


All of our pest control technicians are fully trained and require to have achieved a pass in the Level 2 Certificate in Pest Management qualification from the Royal Society for Public Health, (RSPH), before they are allowed to attend our client’s premises.

RED Pest Control are members of the National Pest Technicians Association and are audited to ensure their membership standards are met.

Our Managing Director was employed by the UK’s largest pest control company for 12 years, 7 of which were spent in various senior management roles where he had responsibility for service provision and ensuring all field operatives were fully trained.

Question 12.

Q. How do I prevent pests from returning?


No matter how many precautions you take, pests can infest a property at any time.

We believe that prevention is always better than the cure

We recommend the installation of the RED Alert Pest Monitoring and Control system.

We design and install a bespoke system of baits and pest monitors throughout critical areas of client’s premises. The system is designed to identify, intercept and eradicate pests before they become established.



Niki Munro, Maintenance Coordinator, Cairn Letting

“I have used RED Pest Control for some time now and am extremely happy with the quality of service provided.  They are approachable and quick to attend jobs when requested and their prices are very competitive too!” 

From Colin Blair, Managing Director, Buzzworks Group

R.E.D. have been providing the full pest control service for our 8 restaurants for the last 2 years which has proved to be very effective, professional and cost effective. He is very knowledgable in all areas of pest control and has solved some difficult issues for us. I have no hesitation in recommending his services"

Clare Gemmell, General Manager, Loch Lomond Shores

“Loch Lomond Shores have been using RED for a number of years and we have always been very happy with the service levels.  The rapid response service from R.E.D. has been second to none”

Guy Redford, Director of Golf, Dundonald Links Golf Club

“R.E.D. Pest Control services give us effective and discrete service in this specialist area”

Shirley MacIver, Operations Manager, House for an art Lover, Glasgow

“We switched to RED Pest Control almost 2 years ago. We had been using one of the large national companies but decided to change to RED after they surveyed our premises and provided us with a service level in excess of what we were receiving, at a significantly reduced cost.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a first class service at a fair price.”